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  • In-House training at your convenience
  • Training content can be tailored to meet any specific needs
  • Face to face interaction with a fully qualified Pension Consultant
  • Course material approved by the Pensions Authority
  • Completion of course allows you to comply with Pensions Act training requirements
  • Certified Record of course completion

(The following is an extract from the Pensions Authority Trustee Handbook 5th Edition)

Trustee duties and responsibilities under the Pensions Act

Section 59 of the Pensions Act lays down in broad terms the general duties of

trustees of schemes and trust RACs as follows:

  • to ensure that contributions are received
  • to invest the funds
  • to make arrangements for paying the benefits
  • to ensure that records are kept
  • to undertake trustee training
  • to ensure that a registered administrator is appointed

Trustee training

Trustees should take steps to ensure that they are sufficiently informed to discharge their duties and responsibilities as trustees. Trustees are obliged to undertake trustee training within six months of their appointment and at least every two years thereafter. Trustees should ensure that they keep up-to-date with changes in legislation affecting pension schemes and about pension issues in general. In the meantime trustees who have not attended a trustee training course and/or consider that the training they have received is not adequate to enable them to properly discharge their duties and responsibilities, should contact the Pensions Authority, who will provide advice on how such training can be obtained.